Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Organization 101

My, Christy Falso (friend) inspired junk drawer. While visiting her in NY last week I noticed every drawer in her house was this organized, actually its probably more organized because the double A batteries would not be touching the triple A batteries. I was literally in awe, and feeling very unorganized about my life when I left.
My first project even before unpacking the luggage was this in her honor. I must say I love it! No more rifling through the drawer to find keys, batteries, etc. Everything has a place, and I am saving precious seconds of time during the day : ) So its been 5 days and I'm keeping it up. I suck at consistency as do my kids, so pray for me.

This was my second project. Saw this on the Today show with Nate Berkus. The kids helped me design it, they even put the desk and chair together. Its in their playroom which is right off the kitchen so I'm thinking its a good idea since they need to have it quiet when doing their geometry (yes that starts in 3rd grade!) but they often have questions so having it right around the corner from the kitchen makes sense.
It also frees up my kitchen island which I love, no more papers all over the place.
Yesterday was the first day back to school after trackout and they both loved, well maybe liked, doing their homework there. I also think they finished it in half the time because we weren't going around the house trying to find pencils, sharpeners, and paper like normal.
Once again I suck at consistency as do my kids, so lets hope it sticks!

Here's my latest idea. I think I've lost my mind. Can you tell this month is a slow month in the photography business. Do I need to get a life? Or does this make sense. I think I'm gonna try it, I'm due for yet another trip to the grocery store so why not start now. I don't know about you but I despise packing lunches. Why not shift the burden to the kids? Seems like I was making my own food at 8?
Here's what they say about it on the website....
I know some of you must already do this, but for me — this is something new this school year in our home. To save time and stress in the mornings, I have everything pre-bagged and ready-to-grab for the kids’ lunches. The only thing I need to do is make their sandwich. They are otherwise 100% responsible for getting their lunch bags, choosing a variety of items from this drawer, and packing their lunch.
We got big containers of things like pretzels, Sun Chips, crackers, etc. and put it all in snack-sized baggies. Plastic spoons are in the drawer as well, next to the applesauce and mandarin oranges. We have a drawer in the refrigerator that has the same concept: Cheese cubes, grapes, and anything else that needs to be refrigerated. All ready-to-pack. There’s my back-to-school tip-of-the-week. : )

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